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Get to experience authentic Ohangla night with Lady Maureen

Ohangla night has come to be associated with class, style, great food and divine music, each week, attracting a diversity of revelers across Nairobi.


It also comes with all shapes and sized big ass women from Luo land. The amount of booty you'll witness Team mafisi! You will be overwhelmed.

Ohangla Music: is a traditional Luo music that is highly infused with instruments- more than six drums struck by a stick and a cylindrical shoulder slung drum, accompanied by either Nyatiti or kinanda. In the olden days, it was mainly played at funerals, beer parties and during Yawo rut (a celebration to mark the birth of twins). Presently, Ohangla is a genre commonly heard at entertainment spots, including wedding parties and campaign rallies.

Its dance is usually vigorous gyration of the hips, suggestive dances, obscene lyrics and liberal changaa (illicit brew), for years, it was a common form of music to only the Luo culture. But now, Ohangla has cut across different ethnic groups in the nation. Now even in Kikuyu weddings, you'll hear a Tony Nyadundo or Lady Maureen’s song being played.

And tonight, we get to sway our hips to live Ohangla tunes courtesy of the Queen of Ohangla herself, Lady Maureen.


Performance starts at 8pm till late at Sky World Lounge, located on Tom Mboya Street.

Free entry, so you have no excuse to miss out this.


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