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Former Tahidi High's actor killed by the Internet

Dennis Mugo popularly known as OJ from Tahidi High was killed a few days ago by the Internet and the rumor spread like wild fire as friends and family rushed out to confirm whether this was true.

However just like the many celebrities who have been killed by the internet, seems that OJ could not escape this fate.

OJ was killed by a couple of posts shared on Facebook and twitter by an unknown tabloid. The story went viral as fans shared it on their social media pages while others jotted down emotional messages to appreciate the celebrity who had been killed by the Kenyan internet.

However, former actor recently responded by brushing off the rumor and confirming that he is still alive and kicking. He was quick to own social media users of the social media scammers spreading fake information on social media.

This is however the very first time in months the TV star has spoken and interacted with his fans.


About 4 years ago, OJ, Sarah Hassan and the Tahidi high crew were the most popular actors in the industry, but they all disappeared after they started landing lucrative deals abandoning the “high school” program.


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