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Party Lovers, Here’s all the Beers You will be enjoying at The Oktoberfest starting Today

The Oktoberfest is never complete without beer. And huge doses of it for that matter.

Beer actually is the man spine of the whole event which started in Germany and has been gaining mad traction all across the World and especially in Kenya where it has been gaining mad momentum and attracting hundreds of thousands of fanatics.

As you prepare to show up at The Hub, Karen for the fest , either today or tomorrow, with your gang of beer-loving friends, we took the time to break down for you just what is really on offer - and you'll be thrilled.

Everyone loves a frothy, cold beer washed down with some burgers and hotdogs or whatever snack or food you fancy as you while time away and chill courtesy of Picasso, Art Caffè and Ocean Basket .

And the Oktoberfest organizers have made sure that you not only get to get yourself properly drunk and satiated but also get the best of the beers this sin City can offer.


At the venue, you will be spoilt for choice as there will be over 11 different types of beers on tap. All different sizzling flavors to help you party your weekend away as you should – Like a Boss.

I have a personal liking for the Karamell  brew that I had the pleasure of tasting earlier this week. Someone tells me they can’t do without the Kifoboack brew and my boys will do anything to grab a glass of the Bufallo Kick brew which they swear is better than cheese and butter.

All of these brews will be readily available in the huge tents erected across the arena…With many different types of wines and Champagnes also spread out for the girls and the Instagram hunnies.

Brew Bistro rooftop, Westlands


What’s new? Happy Hour! Yeah right! This is the most coveted hour of the party . And is starts at 5pm and runs right into 7pm. Here, you buy one mug of whatever brew you like and get an extra serving absolutely free! How’s that for a party huh? And the Happy Hour is both days. Today and Tomorrow evening. BAM!

Besides that, Dj Marc Vedo , who we’ve already told you will be tearing up the stage tomorrow and this evening will also be at the Brew Bistro Rooftop in Westlands for the maaaad after party that will end late into the night.

You’ve got your whole weekend plans covered now, haven’t you?

One thing I cant miss is the Happy Hour. Cuz God knows I love me some beer….Properly brewed and chilled and ready for just me.

See you at the party fellas! And girls! Whoop Whoop!


Grab your tickets at Kenya Buzz. By clicking HERE.


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