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Is this the bootylicious babe caught in the vicious love triangle that led to K'osewe owner getting shot? (Photos)

On Thursday last week,Tom Oywa Mboya a business man pumped 3 bullets into William Osewe, owner of the wildly popular K'osewe Ranalo Restaurant on Kimathi street.

Abdi Diva

Apparently, Osewe confronted Oywa at an eatery called Hagon over Oywa having an affair with his wife and that is when Oywa shot the businessman.

After the Kasarani incident, the shooter later surrendered to the police and said that he acted in self-defence since Mr. Osewe attacked him first.

He said that Mr. Osewe threatened to kill him and attempted to draw out a gun but Mboya moved fast and shot the man. A 2:30 p.m incident that left Osewe seriously injured and admitted to Agha Khan Hospital where he underwent surgery yesterday to dislodge the bullets.


As Osewe recuperates in hospital people have been curious to see Osewe’s wife’s pictures and this photo of a lady in yellow has been circulated online with some people claiming that this is Osewe’s wife.

However, a reverse image search took us to to an article about a thick Nigerian lady called Abi Diva. Abi is a waist-trainer expert and waist training model who introduced “The wrap”.

According to her site, the wrap has a wraparound design with touch-and-close fastening to provide back support for not only various back problems but also help you burn belly fat fast.”


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