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Sign of moving on? Photo of Otile Brown sporting a blonde haircut emerges

Post-breakup manenos

The celebrity couple recently broke up after Vera Sidika went public about Otile having dumped her shortly after releasing hit song 'Baby Love'. In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram, Vera claimed to have turned down top businessmen, Governors and Presidents, all for Otile, only to get heartbroken.

“Waah the hate is too much just because somebody is quite doesn’t mean they’re guilty, am just trying to handle the entire issue as a grownup.. I promised myself that I won’t respond to the allegations until I realized just now that this was a mission to eradicate my career by making women hate me coz most of my following are women and yeah she’s succeeding… She’s playing victim and its unbelievable coz just a day before her posts we had a proper meeting and concluded everything as grownups coz the relationship wasn’t working for me,” read part of the post.


A section of the 'Vetile' fans still strongly believe that this breakup is just another publicity stunt but we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, it appears that Brown has decided to go blonde. Perhaps a sign of moving on?

In a photo posted by a city celebrity hair stylist who goes by the name Eric One Wash, Otile, who now goes by the moniker Bad Man Shivo sports a blonde haircut.

The photo was taken at Eric's hair salon, located in the CBD.

Changing the hairstyle has for the longest time been done by people as a sign of starting life on a clean slate. Many men cut their dreadlocks and women shave their hair after a breakup or a significant change in their life and perhaps, Otile is doing the same?


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