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Otile Brown leaves tongues wagging with steamy bedroom video featuring Amber Ray

Too hot for TV.

Otile Brown and Amber Ray (Instagram)

Singer Otile Brown shared a clip on social media featuring socialite Amber Ray.

The ‘Baby Love’ singer is spotted in bed with the beautiful socialite kissing her body, a video that has left fans puzzled since Otile is taken.

The reactions to this steamy video ranged from surprise, to judgement, to funny and even raunchy as fans tried to make sense of it.


See some of the reactions below:

i_am_adasha: Heheeee wah yani kudate music artist mambo ni kama haya😭😭😭

mercy_ramsey_:Mimi kama kamati ya roho mbaya mtaachana tu usijali ni kwa muda

sylvia_aloise: Hyu ni demakuku 🤣🤣


chepsugut: What happened to nabbi

karenkiptum: Wait...amber ray again???

euchago_k_enterprises: Unliked by vera and 1000 others

missleoness20: C najua amber ray aliwet mbaya


abbieomwesh: Is this what it means by 'chinja bata kuku aone wivu??? "

ericcoh_debest: Lamba nyonyo😂😂😂😍😍😍

henry_mbute: Wapi Sonko atupatie siri kukuhusu 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

marvin.karlito: Alafu mwenye anawarecord ako single ama??

Swabrinasue: Feeling jealous with Vera and 900 others😂😂😂😂


However, the video should be taken with a grain of salt as it’s highly likely it is part of an upcoming video as Kenyan singers are known to create hype and stir up gossip ahead of a big release.


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