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Otile goes after his ex-girlfriends after failed relationship with Ethiopian bae Nabbi

Otile's public outcry

Otile Brown's public outcry after lady claimed she is pregnant with his baby, launches attack on his ex-girlfriends

Baby Love hit Maker Otile Brown has launched an attack at his ex-girlfriends, claiming that they are all unable to move on and they are always trying to jeopardize his relationship with Ethiopian Bae Nabayet aka Nabbi.

 In his statement, Otile pointed out that most of his exes hide behind pseudo accounts, pretending to be in happy relationships, but in real-sense they bother him on a daily. He added that they can’t get over him because he is very sweet, caring, loving, and smart.

I'm sweet and Loving

“Have you ever wondered why my Exes never get over me, coz I’m sweet, caring, loving, and very smart. They’ve been hiding behind fake accounts and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder can’t stay away from this DM’s and comment and I don’t blame her. Too much pressure for a good girl like her and so my exes you all haven’t moved on, you all been on your relationships but thinking about me. Hiding on your bathrooms trying to jeopardize my relationship when all you men are in bed a sleep” reads Otile’s attack.  


Maybe I don't deserve Nabbi

The singer went on to say that maybe he doesn’t deserve to be with Nabbi, as she try’s so much to accommodate his daily scandals.

“Maybe I don’t deserve Nabbi, I feel like she is always trying to act like she understands and she can take it but I think she is drowning” added Otile.

In another post, Otile lamented that there is a lady frustrating him with claims that she is pregnant with his Baby and want’s to commit suicide.


Pregnant with my Child

“So there is a chick with a fake account going around telling people and my girl that she is pregnant with my Child and I’m avoiding her and now she wants to commit suicide, why don’t you come out in public. If the Pregnancy is really mine I will take responsibility for it. Simple” said Otile Brown.  

It remains unclear what transpired between the two, but last month, Otile released a song dubbed Nabbi, apologizing to the beauty and pleading her to take him back. In the song, he confessed that he can be a good lover, but scandals have been a big obstacle in his quest to settle down, as ladies often misjudge him.


The apology went unaccepted as Nabbi said that it would take more than a song to heal and rekindle her heart.


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