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Acheni Wana! Size 8 and Willy Paul tell off critics of their new song (video)

They insisted the song was did have a message and was about telling off the Devil and his lies.

Willy Paul and Size 8 have defended themselves following scathing criticism of their song. The two musicians had collaborated for a song called Tiga Wana.

While speaking on to Larry Madowo, the two artists defended their song against criticism that their song was not Gospel. They insisted the song was did have a message and was about telling off the Devil and his lies.

The fact that it was a dance song only helped it be fitting for the younger generation who have long criticized the traditional way of spreading the gospel as too boring.

Willy Paul defended his style of music saying no one should expect him to be singing like older musicians because he is of another generation.


He believes that 5 years in the industry are testament that his songs have an audience and that he is yet to fall despite the endless comments of naysayers and being written off from day one.

However, Kenyans are clearly not buying their excuses even if the artistes insist they do not check and follow comments from detractors.

Commenting on the video of the interview many still felt the artistes are clearly blurring the line between what is gospel and what is secular.

littlesolar: these two wanajifanya hawajaona negative ctitisism, wacheni kutubeba kimalende munajua hii wimbo iko na as much positive as negative feedback.

Sarah Wairimu Joe: size8 and Willy you sang total nonsense. let's call a spade a spade simple..Gospel Mwitu


yang d'sire: Sarah Wairimu Joe very true I wonder why they get airplay with their nonsense

ann annita: Sarah Wairimu Joe   very true...bado hawaja grow in spirit..

Maryam Andayi:Kwa ivo shetani ana utoto     khei izokei tw rip gospo

Maurice Idel1: gospel goin astray...plzz...lets get back in line to the real content...for real guys...tigai wana

Joy mbotela:Am not judging though but please explain to me how can tiga wana help me reach God?


Here is the video where he two artists defend themselves


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