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Pamela Jelimo: 6 things that may have contributed to her break up with husband

So sad!

Jelimo has won several awards one of them being gold medal in the 2008 Olympics that happened in Beijing China. By then the talented runner was 18 years old.

Pamela is the first Kenyan woman to ever win an Olympic gold medal and the first Kenyan to win the Golden league Jackpot as well. She holds both the 800 m world junior record and the senior African record over the same distance. Jelimo is one of the youngest women to win an Olympic gold medal for Kenya.

Jelimo’s marriage underwent a lot of challenges and her differences with her ex-partner has been narrated differently Jelimo’s side of the story has been told before however her ex-partner side of the story is unknown. Here is his untold side of the story.


One Peter Kiprotich Murrey, former Olympic champ Pamela Jelimo’s ex-hubby has revealed how his relationship with the athlete came to an unfortunate end and the events that led the relationship to come to an end.

Murrey revealed 6 events that may have led to the two separating;

Too many friends and ‘advisors’. On gaining fame, Murrey says they got too many friends and advisors with different opinion and whom they had never associated with before they became wealthy which is risky when dealing with money and fame.

Trust lost all of a sudden. Murrey disclosed that Jelimo suddenly lost trust in him despite the fact they have been together in times of wealth and poverty.

Secret acquisition of property. Pamela’s ex-husband reveals that Jelimo acquired a lot of property on her own and this is not the culture they had before.


Misunderstanding on didvision of property. Disagreements on how to divide property they had acquired during their marriage led them to court a case that is still ongoing.

Arguments on having children.“I always wanted children. But she would shut me out every time I wanted us to discuss children,” Murrey claims.

Haters getting in the middle of the relationship. Murrey says enemies proliferated lies about him being unfaithful.

“We had an honest relationship, I would tell my ex-wife everything. Lies about my alleged infidelity were propagated by our enemies,” says the man who has re-married and has one child.


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