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Sprays congregants with pesticide to heal HIV/Aids

A South African pastor has shocked many after he was caught on camera spraying his congregants with Doom pesticide that is believed to have a healing power.

Pastor Lesotho spraying boy with doom

The pastor known as Lethebo Rabalago of Polokwane apparently believes that spraying his congregant’s with the doom pesticide will heal them instantly.  His tricks have convinced members of his church that the pesticide is capable of healing HIV, Cancer and other illnesses.

This pastor joins the list of false prophets we are witnessing in our generation. A while back we saw pastor Kanyari rob members of his church in the name of ‘planting a seed’ in order to get more blessing.

Despite the photos making rounds on social media, no legal action has been taken against him meaning he continuous to spread more people with the pesticide.


However, just the new ‘skool’ pastors trying to make money on social media pastor Letheso is gaining fame in the online community laughing off at his hustling method.


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