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It is a wonder that I didn’t jump off a roof or something- Patricia Kihoro dishes out about her relationship with her parents

Speaking as a panelist during a recent event dubbed Women, Words and Wine, Patricia revealed some bosom details about her relationship with her parents and how they turned her into the woman we’ve all come to adore.

“My father used to tell me all this weird things and I used to believe until I was like eighteen years old when I started realizing that half of them were not even realistic,” Patricia said, “But it grew my imagination so much... He got me this library card and my brain was filled with vocabulary, stories and characters.

Patricia acknowledges the power of ink on paper in making her the great actress that she is right now. Her time in the library paid in the form of her successful acting career that she discovered back in high school.

She said, “My world wasn’t just a small space, it was just all over. I believed in supernatural, reaching on top was just something normal to me. I saw myself as super mum’s daughter. It is a wonder that I didn’t jump off a roof or something. In high school I discovered that taking along the different characters from books is called acting.”


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