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Why radio presenter Patricia Kihoro is keeping off s*x this year

I plan to be celibate.

This is because many celebrities have unrestricted access to the crème de la crème of partners and do not have to be celibate but Patricia Kihoro is now putting the Celibate in celebrities.

The feted radio presenter, singer and influencer disclosed that 2018 is the year of keeping the cookie in its jar as she will not date this year.  This is because she wants to focus all her energy on herself and finding herself again.

Speaking to SDE’s Yvonne Aoll Patricia said “I decided I won’t date this year, I plan to be celibate. I just want this year to be about me, to find myself again, to understand what I’m about, and to travel. I really want to travel. This is my year of saying say yes to all things travel.”


The doe-eyed singer confessed that the reason she decided to kick dating to the curb for this year is because her last relationship ‘did a number on her’

“My last relationship did quite a number on me. It was deep, and beautiful, and almost everything I’d wanted a relationship to be, and when it ended, I was devastated, even though I had seen the end coming in some ways. He was 29 years old, which meant younger than me, but that wasn’t really the issue, because age really is just a number. Sometimes people go through stuff when they are at that age, and then he was going through other things on top of that as well, so he just told me we needed to break it off, in order for him to get himself together. It was hard, but I respected the decision.” She revealed.

But despite the heartbreak, Patricia had this gem for those in their 20’s struggling with love “You’ll be okay. Time heals all wounds.”


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