Man openly brags about banging underage girls on social media

Kennedy Simons is the latest pedophile to openly brag about bedding under aged girl. The pedophile shared this information through his Facebook where he narrated his desire to sleep with the girls since they are on holiday for two months.


The guy posted and shared his status with a group called True Luos on Facebook as he shamelessly bragged about his mission. He also made sure to use Dhuluo as a way to ensure only people from his community understood the message.

However, one guy from the group exposed this pedophile by translating the message which read to say,

Schools have closed; school girls are home to hell with women. It’s time to F@#K school girls, make sure you F@#k at least four girls a day.

This comes barely one month since Alfayo Mohamed was put behind bars for sleeping with a class four girl. The number of men expressing their kinky sexual desires on small girls has increased on social media. Parents are now living in fear as these perverts walk free in a society full of young girls.

The online community is now demanding this man, Kennedy, to be arrested as soon as possible to avoid any damage.


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