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Kenyan lady chased away during blind date on TV

Blind date turns sour!

Singles Judy and Aleki were paired up for the now viral episode of the show and things were off to a bumpy start after Judy asked Aleki some super-aggressive questions.

“Are you a thief or something? You look like a thief or gangster. You look like one.” Judy told her love match before telling him “I heard you are a f*ckboy.”

Things embarked on a downward spiral after Judy diabolically disclosed that Aleki didn’t match the looks she expected of her date as she wanted to meet a tall, dark and handsome man.


She decided to be savagely honest with her date by telling him that if he was built then she would consider him “Next time kama utakuwa umejenga tunaeza ongea but saa hii and some more things…zii.”

A statement that pissed off Aleki who went on to compare her character to that of American socialite Amber Rose before kicking her out of their date.

“Chukua food yako na upace. Ama mimi nijitoe?”  Aleki said much to the surprise of Judy. “Get going.” Aleki said ending their date on a bad note.

Here are some reactions from viewers:


Sue Elsie: WTF Did I just watch?”

Mercy Wagema: Dame mwenyewe ni safara...tuanze tu vile amedunga manze ati alafu alikua anangoja Kuona boi anakaa pesa...huyu ni golddigger tupu shenziiii.....Hapo sawa Aleki atembeze kiatu kabisa huyo dem amekam kushine mbele ya camera not to find a perfect match

Noniot Alexas: Aii what is wrong with these two? A date is supposed to be a loving setting. Whoever is doing the matchmaking, please find compatible people to avoid such embarrassing moments...Kenyans never cease to amaze me.

Cynthia Cyndy: did I just watch this yani chali ni mrude dem nimrude

Elly Ella: Huyu Dem ametoka kirinyaga.... So unrealistic and hajatoboa maskio... She's new in Nairobi.


Noniot Alexas: Why is she speaking so horribly to him???..nkt if someone is not your type, please just be nice during the date and kindly explain later that he was not the right fit. But hizi questions nkt ati " are you a gangsta? You look like one.”


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