Ex-Tahidi actress' unexpected reaction after realizing she got pregnant for an engaged man

Pierra Makena’s pregnancy was not exactly smooth as it had a few hurdles…

Pierra and the daughter

This was because two weeks before she learnt she had conceived her daughter Ricca Pokot, she broke up with her baby daddy.

At first, facing pregnancy alone was a daunting task for Pierra and she admitted that she battled with so many emotions as she felt that she needed her baby daddy’s support during her pregnancy and he was nowhere to be found.

After battling with many ‘what ifs’ she finally decided to accept what was happening and broke the news to her family who were very accepting of the situation and supported her. Support which was been constant to date.

Opening up to True Love, Pierra revealed that she intended on leaving her baby daddy out of her daughter’s relationship but her mother insisted that she should inform the baby daddy.

But informing her baby daddy came with conditions.“I made it clear that he didn’t have to be part of it." She said.

And even though he suggested a meet up  on learning of the news it was never to happen as the guy was engaged to be married. "And even though he mentioned that we should at least meet and talk about it, he never made the effort to reach out again. I found at later is because he was getting married." She said.

Given the situation, many women in Pierra's place would have felt played and sought revenge but not Pierra. " The funny bit is, I was actually happy for him. I know that it sound like a lie, but the day I went to church and asked God to be the father of my child, I was relieved of any burdens.”

After the birth of Ricca, her ex-beau  called her up and said he would take responsibility and offered support  but Pierra felt that that was enough, because in her own words, “There is a difference between a father and a dad, so I am still giving him the time to decide which he wants to be.”

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