Funniest Joe Biden/Obama memes that roast Donald Trump

It was a dark day for America after controversial presidential candidate Trump was voted in as the next American president. Americans have taken to the streets for some of the most vocal anti-trump protests.


Over the weekend 8,000 people took to the streets in Los Angeles to protest as others took to the streets in Portland, Oregon for the same purpose. The demonstrations in Oregon escalated to a violent level which led to the shooting of one person and the arrest of seventy-one people for 'disorderly conduct and throwing things at the police.'

Protestors also took to the New York streets and gathered at the Trump Towers in Manhattan to protest against Trump by singing "not my president."

These cities are not the only ones that have seen anti-Trump protests, according to CNN, protests were rife in Indianapolis, Washington, Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Providence, Rhode Island, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

While many have taken to the streets, others are choosing to protest in a different kind of way, through Biden-Obama vs Trump memes.

Here are some memes we gathered from the inter-webs:

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