Post your achievements and I will engage you further – Akothee to Nyakundi

Akothee hapendi Ujinga

Akothee with Victoria Kimani. Singer Akothee. Post your achievements and I will engage you further – Akothee to Nyakundi

On Tuesday, Akothee clapped back at Nyakundi’s attacks in an explosive post that left him short of words to retaliate.

Following the weak response from Nyakundi, the Lotto singer treated it as defeat stating that the only time she would engage the blogger was after proving his worth.

“The nigga is already dead on arrival, you have only one chance to a clap back, this streets are meant for the intelligent ones , thanks fans , I don't follow this nigga! I learnt he stepped on live wire on your comments! He has learnt his lessons, and if he wants to come back let him post his achievements that's the next level I will repost, then I will post mine for him to repost, otherwise LEVELS ONLY, typing from Dubai ,where do you think the imbecile is typing from, INSPIRATIONS ONLY , MY FANS ARE THE BAADEST LETS MOVE ON TO THIS OUR NEW ACHIEVEMENTS FOCUS ” wrote Akothee.

No Nonsense woman

Madam Boss, who is known to be a no nonsense woman and a bold speaker, lectured Nyakundi telling the controversial blogger to respect women and stop being bitter about life.

On Thursday, Singer Victorai Kimani also weighed in, on the beef that had escalated on social media, revealing that she had no time to throw insults at him (Nyakundi).

Victoria Kimani responds

Victoria affirmed that she had never had a Sugar Daddy in her life per Nyakundi’s allegations.

“Siko hapa kukudhalilisha, bali niko hapa kukuinua. Cyprian Nyakundi Sikuwahi kukujua, mpaka uliponitaja mimi na mmoja wa marafiki zangu wa karibu Akothee. Lakini nafurahi kujuana na wewe mtandaoni. Kunijua, ni kunipenda, na pia ni kuniheshimu mimi, na juhudi zangu za kimaisha. Namtakia kila anayesoma huu ujumbe Amani na Furaha! reads part of Victoria Kimani’s post.

Currently, Akothee is in Dubai for the One Africa Music Fest scheduled for November 17th, 2018.


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