Socialite Bridget Achieng Hospitalized, pleads with fans for prayers

Quick Recovery Mama Sekani

Socialite Bridget Achieng Hospitalized, pleads with fans for prayers

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng is requesting her Instagram family to pray for her after getting admitted in Hospital.

In a number of posts via her Insta-Stories, Mama Sekani mentioned that fatigue had caught up with her.

The mother of one pointed out that she has been over working herself, to make sure she provides for her son, but sickness is forcing her to slow down.

Mwili haina spare parts

“Enyewe mwili haina spare parts now it's when it’s dawned on me.....but life can be unfair. Been over working to make sure Bills are paid and my baby got the life I want for him as his Mom and Dad…pray for Me…Fatigue is nothing to joke with… will be checking myself in hospital, I pray I get better, for ones who love and support me, my PA will take it from here till I get enough bed rest…one thing is for sure motherhood ain’t a walk in the park… my kids at home… God will protect you for me,” shared Bridget Achieng.

Her plea was received well by a section of her fans, who went ahead and wished her a quick recovery.

Prayers from fans

queen_esther.5623 “Speak to Jesus, in my prayers you are preserved in Jesus name, settled”

kikie2344Pole sweetie praying for you and all mother's going through the same thing.♥️♥️♥️♥️”

berylboaz “Learn to take time even an hour and take a nap, I usually make sure on weekends I must take time and give my body and mind some rest si mchezo”

ednanzioki “Quickly recovery dear 🍊🍉🍌🍍🥝🍅🍇”

rahabrayvan_mamageePrayers from nanyuki❤️”

carole12369 “Quick recovery mama Sekani 😍😍”

sally.warui ‘May God grant you healing 🙏 You are indeed destined for greatness”

mariamwambui “Easy,all will be need to be well to be there for your family”

entumoYou are doing well ma, dont be too hard on yourself. Take it easy and may God give you more strength ❤️”

julliete_acherwaYou are a strong woman 👊👊💪 Keep God first and let him do the are in my thoughts and prayers”

cynthia_wanyama ‘Love you dear quick recovery mum❤️”

aemiliananyamburaQuick recovery Bridget”


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