Bahati’s son reveals why he adores his dad's girlfriend Diana Marua

Hapa Bahati ameangukia...

Bahati, Diana and Morgan

From their cute lovey dovey photos, fans have fallen in love with the couple. And if Bahati is aiming to go down on one knee then he should just pick Diana as she is what people call wife material. This is because she has the qualities the singer looks for in a wife.

In an interview with Mzazi willy Tuva, Bahati laid out the qualities he desires in a woman.

"She should have the same passion, love and heart as me in regarding the kids that I live with. She should be willing and able to raise kids that are not her's. That's all I am looking for in that woman." He disclosed.

And judging from how Diana relates to children she could be a great mum to Bahati’s 3 kids. From taking care of her twin niece and nephew Blake and Blair to bonding very well with Bahati’s son Morgan, it is clear the EMB records singer has hit the jackpot.

Even Morgan is fond of Diana as she has a great heart. “She took me to Church, Napenda roho yake sana.” He captioned a photo he took with Diana.

In another photo Morgan and Diana bond over the Bazokizo dance which is very popular with children.

Diana’s ease with children can be attributed to influence from her father who is very passionate when it comes to the rights of children.

Diana’s father Joseph Omach  is a key figure in the fight against the stigmatisation of children who suffer from cancer under his organisation, Childhood Cancer initiative which he founded in 2009.


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