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I don't want to date socialites

“I want someone who can comprehend the new me.” The King of Bling Prezzo said.

The King of Bling has revealed that when it comes to finding a woman, he doesn’t want a woman who is just about Prezzo, he wants a woman who is into Jackson Makini. He wants a woman who is not into fame like Yola who he feels dated him because he was famous.

“I think Yola was in my life for the fame. Now she has it. I want someone who can comprehend the new me. I want a smart lady who can help me run the family business. That’s what my mother and everyone who cares about me wants to see. It’s a decision I have made. I want to get myself a smart lady, someone who is not after fame and all this spotlight business; not a socialite.” He told Pulse.

Aside from dropping the ‘socialites’, he has also dropped his bad boy image for something more corporate friendly.


“I am done with the bling bling. I have a corporate side and I feel this is the way I want people to see me now. The Prezzo you used to know as dramatic is no more.” He disclosed.

As for now, Prezzo revealed that he is not ‘desperate’ or ‘looking’ for a lady as he believes that God will bless him with a nice lady.


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