West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo bans mini skirts and trousers

According to the governor workers have been dressing ‘indecently’

The governor issued the directive while addressing more than 3, 000 county workers who has converged for a brain storming meeting.

According to the governor, workers have been dressing ‘indecently’, making it difficult to differentiate them from ghost workers.

“Miniskirts, halter tops and female trousers are not among preferred or acceptable attire.  I will not accept (to have) my county officers to wear them,” he said.

The governor also directed that all men must be in a suit and a tie.

He warned that workers who fail to adhere to the new rules and regulations would face disciplinary action.

The governor said those who could not buy suits should not be worried as the county had several youth polytechnics that could tailor them at an affordable price.

He also emphasised that all drivers should stick to the new code of dressing because “you carry your bosses, who are dressed in suits and ties”.

The colour of the county askaris’ uniform, he said, will also be changed from grey, as the current one is not “appealing”.

Also affected by the directive are nurses who are now required to be in uniform at all times, and county revenue collectors who are required to wear badges.

“The county revenue collectors will put on their yellow dust coats but they will be given a badge,” he said.

County workers and residents have received the directive on the new dress code with mixed feelings.

Some described the order as too harsh, especially the junior workers.

“We don’t expect field officers and engineers to put on suits as they are always in the field inspecting development projects. Some of us deal with machines and the new dress code will not work,” said a worker.


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