Prominent actor and wife welcome first born overcoming last minute frightening birth complications

Gerald Langiri is celebrating finally getting to hold his baby boy. The television actor and now a TV Show host had severally made his anxiety and longing known to the public and finally on Friday midnight, his wish was answered.

However, the delivery had a frightening scare after moments to the birth scans revealed the umbilical cord had wrapped itself on the baby’s neck.

This necessitated an emergency CS. After a successful surgery the baby still had to be give an oxygen mask as he was not breathing well.

The mask stayed overnight but as the relieved father revealed, the bay is now fine breathing independently and feeding quite enthusiastically too. The new mom is also in good condition.

A grateful and clearly excited Gerald expressed his joy as he celebrated stepping into parenthood. The young boy has been named Travis Jumba Langiri and weighed a health 3.8 kilograms.

“I say now because there was a bit of a scare when scans revealed the umbilical cord was around the babys neck and therefore an emergency CS had to be done.The surgery was successful and the baby was rushed to the nursery...only to be put an oxygen mask because he wasn't breathing quite well. He stayed on the oxygen mask overnight and today we are happy to announce that he is out of the mask and breathing independently ...and oh yeah...he just took his 1st poop..some green slimy shit...and is also sucking on that breast (milk) like a father like son..All the worries are finally gone...Bae is a damn strong woman.Super proud of her..Omundu”

It is clearly been quite a ride for the couple and they did not mind sharing the photos of their baby boy with all the beauty and innocence of a new born.


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