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'Daddy don't touch me there' artiste coming to Kenya

Born Ventrice Morgan to Ska musician Derrick Morgan in Montego Bay, Jamaica, it’s clear that music was in Queen Ifrica’s cards from the get-go.


Her ‘Daddy’ song against incest and child abuse can be said was her breakthrough track as it gained her worldwide fame and acknowledgement from The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

“Daddy” with its sorrowful cry "don't touch me there" captured the harrowing reality of many children who are abused by their caregivers and people who they should trust like their fathers.

However her stand against some other issues like homosexuality has put her at logger-heads with the LGBT community due to her right wing views on same sex relationships in ‘Keep it to yourself’.


A stand-point that has had some of her show cancelled including one in Queens, New York in 2014 and Rastafest in Canada.

But despite the strong message her song carries, Ifrica maintained that she does not encourage violence meted against the LGBT community.

This was in a statement her management sent out which read "Queen Ifrica expresses that, while she remains grounded in her morals which espouses heterosexuality, she wants to make it abundantly and emphatically clear that she does not condone nor has ever supported or advocated violence against any group or community, whether implicitly or explicitly."

Now as she prepares for her Kenyan visit, Ifrica seems to be getting some resistance form members of the gay community with prominent gay activist Joi Baro writing “You homophobic woman, what the hell are you coming to do in Kenya?”

This statement came after she announced her performance in Kenya on 11th December “I have been waiting on this moment for a very long time and now it's finally here Kenya I am coming to you with Reggae music overload!!!!!!!!#seetyah”


But despite the resistance she may have received from a segment of the LGBT community, Kenyans are excited that she is performing in the country.

Check out some reactions:

Ras Frank: We love you and your songs queen of reggae #Queen_Ifrica "... If you feel like a bad man, keep it to yourself..." OMG this gonna rock men! Jah lady, you are most welcome in Kenya.

Priscilla Sutherland: So GLAD for you! You are a such an authentic deep talent. You have that warrior spirit that sets you apart. There is music to come from you that we have yet to hear. An iconic song is in that soul of yours and we await it!

Carlos Njung'e: Great news indeed... we can’t wait to have you here... Jah protection and guidance as you and your entourage make preparations.. Big up Kenya #MadLove to the empress


Grace-Ann Abena Osbourne-James: As maybe the only Jamaican in Karen, I wish to welcome you to Kenya. I am looking forward to seeing you perform and represent!!!

Ken Njuguna: Counting the days already. You're the sole person that touches my heart in another way despite overly into another genre. Love u.


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