“Jalang’o is very snobbish and phony!” Former KBC presenter claims

Felix Odiwuor may have started with a small-time role on ‘Papa Shirandula’ but he has become a media heavyweight where he has established himself as a witty comedian, radio presenter, savvy businessman and a capable events’ organiser and MC who is loved by many.


But not everyone is sipping from Jalang’o’s Kool-Aid and one of them is former KBC presenter Elizabeth Irungu who describes him as phony and snobbish. Ouch!

She says that she came to this conclusion after meeting Jalang’o and that first impression did not impress her. And she made a post on social media about it to the vexation of those that worship at the comedian’s altar. But despite the backlash she may have received from his fans, Elizabeth remains un- faltered in her opinion about the Radio Maisha Presenter.

“…Jalang’o the comedian is phony. Poleni mafans wa Jalang’o mkitaka mkuje mnichape. But that is my opinion. You cannot have my opinion I cannot have yours.” She said before adding “The reason I said that is because at one time I was writing for the Don Magazine and I had a column there and I tried interviewing Jalang’o and he was very snobbish.”

She claims that before the interview she was a big fan of Jalang’o having watched him on TV and listened to him on Radio so she was excited to interview one of her favourite celebrities. But the interview didn’t go as planned as the comedian supposedly came off as stand-offish and seemed to look down upon her as she was from a small magazine.

But despite their horrible encounter Elizabeth maintains that she does not have beef with the comedian, she was just speaking her mind and in her mind, Jalang’o is a pretentious.

Check out the clip below:


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