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Jalang’o’s fans react after he was 'stolen' by Governor Joho

If you have been wondering why you have not been hearing Jalang’o’s voice on ‘Radio Maisha’ for the last two days, we finally have a reason, and it’s not a very good one.

Jalang'o and Joho

In early March news broke out that Jalang’o was leaving but the news was trashed by Radio Maisha’s boss Tom Jappani who announced that Jalang’o was a valuable asset and would not be leaving.

" Jalang’o is here to stay. Not only is he great host and comedian, he is extremely hard working and possesses a great work ethic. We will not lose him to our competitors who are looking to poach our talent. ” Jappani told everyone.

Unfortunately politics and a fatter salary came calling and Jalang’o left Radio Maisha.


But his fans are very displeased as they feel that they have been robbed off their favorite presenter and here are some reactions:

Faith Tellah:  U are very wicked, u don’t have feelings, for your loyal fans, do you know u r the reason some of us listened to Kiss 100, then we moved with u to Radio Maisha just bcoz we love your humour, then u decided to vanish into this air without telling us, thunder that will strike you is still rehearsing.

Brownzgeff: Show si show tena ata nmeboeka, ukimaliza jackpot utuambie

karuga_nancy: Rudi tu Radio Maisha inabore without u@jalango

jacklinemalaba: Just can't believe you left Jalang'oo, I don't have anything more to long for in the morning. Hata radio sifungui


samito_da_squadron: Ukirudi maisha utuambiee pia sisi turudi @jalangoo but meanwhile pia sisi tmeenda. Acha tutafute kwengne kwenye ucheshi

iariwiIts soo sad. Soo unfair.

gjeronoSurely I haven't switched on Radio Maisha since Mon.


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