Radio Maisha’s boss Tom Jappani has been forced to apologise to Kenyans on Twitter after the stations breakfast duo of Alex Mwakideu and Nick Odhiambo made highly- inappropriate comments while on air.

“I apologise on behalf of our Breakfast Presenters for what are clearly sexist comments.” Tom Tweeted.

The sexist comments, in this case, were how Alex Mwakideu and his co-host reacted after a house girl called in and said that her boss was sexually harassing her. And instead of empathizing with her and finding a way to help her,  the two were accused of asking questions like "He touches you where? And for how long? Don't you feel anything? Has he ever opened the servers? Do you feel offended because he's ugly?" and "Wakati anakupapasa, kwani wewe huwa umeweka tu mikono yako kwa mabega yake?"

The comments by the two presenters have understandably caused quite the uproar on social media with even Daily Nation's Abigail Arunga wondering out loud if any stern action has been taken against the presenters.

“Have the guys from @radiomaisha been fired yet? Suspended? Anything? Or is this just going to be another Joe Muchiri case?” Abigail Arunga‏ tweeted.

Following the outrage on social media Mwakideu and Nick Odhiambo have remained silent on the matter with Mwakideu preferring to retweet those tweets that supported their comments as ‘harmless banter.’

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