Radio Maisha’s Nick Odhiambo angers fans with comment on Gay people

Fans are not happy with Nick Odhiambo's sentiments

Radio Maisha’s Nick Odhiambo angers fans with comment on Gay people

Radio Maisha presenter Nick Odhiambo has angered fans after he made comments on Gay people.

In a post he shared on Instagram, the radio presenter used the example of Magic Johnson a retired American basketball player whose son is gay.

Odhiambo who shared a photo of Magic and his son said that there was nothing painful as raising son, who then decides that he wants to be your daughter instead.

There is nothing as painful as raising a son who decides he wants to be your daughter instead! The Magic is missing in Johnsons eyes,” wrote Nick Odhiambo.

His post did not settle well with most of his followers who decided to call him out for being inconsiderate.

Others asked him to delete the post, while some resorted to reporting the post to have it deleted by Instagram.

Here are their reactions;

joydoreenbiira Why Nick? Why?


ftmaren Magic is a strong man i cant imagine fighting Aids and fighting this nonsense too,.. Good thing his billion gives him comfort!

alorakush What you do if he was your son? We have to live with the reality of the world man! Would u disown him? Just asking

wambuikamiru That's a hateful comment. I follow you because you are hella funny. But this. This isn't funny at all. I feel like you should know better but I guess I am wrong, Nick.

ciku.muiruri If @madame_gachoka decided to become a man tomorrow I’d love her the same. Probably even more, for being brave enough to live her truth. People need to let their kids be. Whether career, spouse choice, orientation or whatever. Let them be. And love them regardless. 💜💜💜

pendezakinyi This is a very ignorant and hateful comment coming from someone who is a parent.

k_e_r_u_b_o Umeanza kulea juzi and congratulations for that👏. Just don’t be so quick to judge and throw stones because hii life itaku humble my friend!

thevibratinglawyer This comment/post makes me sick. Kindly let me be true to my word. I just hate the caption-Note(My opinion)

jeffwatitwa This is the most ignorant shit I have read ...and I read Trump's tweets.


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