Rapper Juliani narrates how he got his stage name

Before Juliani, he was called Mbwa Kali

Rapper Juliani narrates how he got his stage name

Kenyan rapper Julius Owino has disclosed how he came to be called Juliani, from his initial stage name Mbwa Kali.

In a video he shared on Twitter, the father of one narrated how being a member of Hip Hop group MauMau camp, having a unique name was the most important of things they held as part of their tradition.

He went on to say that one also needed to be alert of their surroundings and aware of social issues, have dreadlocks with a Marvin on.

Juliani admitted that choosing a name was the hardest of tasks but he settled on Mbwa Kali, a name he later on dropped after one of their leaders from the Trinity of Kalamashaka named him Juliani, a name he is known with today.

According to the Exponential potential hit maker, he considers himself a Hip Hop royalty because he got his name from one of the leaders.

So most of you know that I was part of the most important, influential Hip Hop groups in East Africa, MauMau Camp and there are certain things that set us apart. First of all, you have to be aware of your surroundings, you have to care about social issues and you have to have dreadlocks and a marvin but the most important of all you have to always have a name. A unique name, so there was Vizaragiza, Mashifta, Warogi wawili, Wakamba Wawili, Wenyeji so for me when it came to looking for a name, it was the most difficult thing. So, my initial name was Mbwa kali and how I got the name Juliani simply, one of the heads of the Trinity of Kalamashaka and Hip Hop fathers Johny Kshaka once called me Juliani and from then henceforth, I’ve never changed my name ad that’s why I feel like I’m Hip Hop Royalty,” said Juliani.

The rapper has been sharing short videos explaining how he got to earn his name and how he ended up naming his albums.


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