Controversial female Rapper Noti Flow has caused a stir on social media after going naked for the Camera.

Noti shared nude photos on her Instagram, prompting her fans to react, salivating over her exposed body while others just commented with Emoji’s. 

In one of the photo’s she captioned it “Due to public demand of the colored version or whatever”

Noti flow Noti flow


This is not the first time, in June last year her fans were treated to an eyeful of her perky breasts and tongue on Insta stories.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress is no stranger to racy photo-shoots but this is the first time fans have been exposed to her bare body.

She parted ways with the reality TV show to focus on her music.

Noti flow Noti flow

“My fans will have to bear with me. I quit Nairobi Diaries for good and they should not expect to see me do that stuff ever again. I need some peace of mind as I prepare my new album. I feel like it’s time to put my full focus on music,” she said.

Amber Ray naked

Her nude photos comes weeks after socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray also went naked for the camera while promoting her lipstick brand.

In the photo Ms Ray is seen standing before a mirror completely naked with only a glass of flowers covering her.

Socialite Amber Ray breaks the internet as she goes nude Socialite Amber Ray breaks the internet as she goes nude

“This transition from good to great is kicking my a$$ but I refuse to be defeated #amberthebrand cc @zumaridiuzuri lipsticks #fridayshenanigans,” captioned Amber Ray.