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Octopizzo reveals the high-end University he as enrolled in US

Kudos Octopizzo

Octopizzo with other graduates.Rapper Octopizzo graduates from University of Pennsylvania

Months after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, with papers in social impact strategy, Rapper Octopizzo has enrolled to Harvard University for yet another course.

Speaking to Mzazi Willy Tuva, Henry Ohanga (real names) explained that he joined Harvard in February to pursue a course in Leadership, Organizing and Action.

“Nilianza February, so ndo one of the reasons nimekuwa chini ya maji, kusoma ni ngumu manze, sai inafanya niheshimu wasee wako University. Sai niko Havard Univesity, hizi ni shule nilikuwa naona tu kwa TV, though huko ni ngumu jo si kama place nilikuwa last year huko Pennsylvania. Yaani nilitaka mtoi wangu to understand kuwa unaeza toka Kibera na still ukafika Harvard” said Octopizzo.


University of Pennsylvania

Last year in September Octopizzo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was pursuing a course in social impact strategy. He completed an eight months online executive program.

Octo, shared photos from the graduation ceremony alongside other professionals who were receiving certificates of completion.

“Thanks to  for the Knowledge, happy to be a graduate in 2018 something that I already gave up on! After high school but education has no age limit.Never in a hundred years would I thought of even attending UPenn even as a tourist, thanks to the lecturers, thanks to my new friends, thanks to my family for the support and patience during my every now and then travels, Can’t wait to go for my Masters Next and & where life take me after that. So for my masters I’ll put it out there if you got any scholarships links hit me up.” shared Octopizzo.


Professional course

The course is offered to professionals working in non-profits, for-profits, government agencies, and community organizations.

On completion the students usually have 40 per cent of the credits required to pursue a master’s degree in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

Congratulations OctoPizzo


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