Actress Awiti claps back after fan tried to bully her over body weight

Awiti claps back

Actress Awiti claps back after fan tried to bully her over body weight

The Real househelps of Kawangware’s actress Winnie Rubi popularly known as Awiti shut down a fan who tried to bully her over her body weight.

On Wednesday, the actress put up photo posing in a red dress, attracting negativity from one of her followers who opted to body shame her instead noticing her beauty.

The fan identified as Favoured Sharon, left an “Unakaa Vibaya gai” comment under Awiti’s photo, a thing that forced the actress to clap back.

Awiti's response

In her reply Awiti said “@Favoured_sharno I know I look better than you. This world is so funny…if this is someone who has the guts to call me ugly the sinalangu @Favoured_sharon Weh! Atleast at ungekuwa unakaa Azzaid ningekubali”.

Another troll identified as Quarser also tried to body-shame the actress in reference to her stretch marks “stretch marks kwa mkono”

Awiti hit back saying; “proves i gave life…manze ka unangoja nikonde hii unless yesu arudi”.

Another user expressed displeasure in people who have a tendency of insulting others on social media.

“I think people are just frustrated with life at is but fo not hate on your fellow Kenyan, take that anger out on your government ndiyo wametufikisha hapa. Kenyans off late tulo na outburst coz we have been abused by our administration since independence. It is a cry out for help. Awiti you look fabulous, if snack was a person 😍” wrote rebman44.

ayewgan32 “Jaber mtu asikwambie kitu. We ni mrembo. Kila mtu na taste yake tu”

min_naserianFrom the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. if your heart is full of hate, that's what will flow from your look good awiti”

deejay_luli ‘Those curves u look gorgeous mummy let nobody tell u shit u wonderfully n fearfully made😍”

In the recent past, cyber bullying has been on the raise with celebrities being the biggest target.


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