Anerlisa Muigai’s interesting advice on relationships gets Kenyans talking

Don't be misled- Anerlisa

Anerlisa Muigai’s interesting advice on relationships gets Kenyans talking

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai is out here dishing words of advice to her over 777K followers on how to keep their relationships going and some of them are excited.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Muigai advised that people should always strive to work on themselves, ensure they are honest in everything they partake in before trying to please others.

She pointed out that having it all won’t guarantee that you will keep people in your life, as character is more important than material things.

“If you can’t keep people when you have nothing, you will still won’t keep them when you have it all. First work on yourself, respect others, be honest, be trust worthy, and love yourself first before loving others and that right there is what will keep your relationships with others going. Trust me when I tell you that…don’t be misled.

“I am talking to those who think having money will keep people around. Real life is beyond Material things. Only a few will understand, what I mean,” said Anerlisa Muigai.


Her statement was lauded by a number followers who went on to re-post it on their Instagram handles, thanking her for being mindful of others.

“@anerlisa said it well. You can’t/won’t be kept if you can’t keep yourself” nenaki255

@Anerlisa say no more…Kujia speaker’s za church yetu” Ms Keisha.

@anerlisa Thank you for this” Mwenesi.

“Anerlisa juts said it” Caroline Mweru

“I have never felt this inspired in my life. Tnak you Anerlisa” Bridah Sila

“Is the volume Okay Anerlisa. Thank you for this” Holly Queen

“Facts only @anerlisa” Wahida de Dezzery.

“Well said Wifi Anerlisa” Sherryhijab.

“Very true Anerlisa” Katrina Gitere.

Move to Tanzania

This comes days after she was discouraged by a fan not to move permanently to Tanzania.

“My baby has been trying to convince me all day to move to Tanzania🇹🇿 permanently but I am not sure how possible that would be,” wrote Ms Muigai.

The fan (Atieno) who was against the move, said “Look at the rate of Kenyan shilling to Tanzanian shilling yet you are a billionaire dota with a business mind. Stick to Kenya or poverty will be your friend,”


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