It’s time to Legalize Weed! Reggae Lovers smoke Marijuana freely at Richie Spice’s “Nobody Can Stop Reggae” Concert (Opinion)

It's time to think about Legalization

Richie Spice on stage at KICC

On Saturday, large numbers of Reggae lovers streamed into KICC for the “Nobody Can Stop Reggae” concert headlined by the legendary Richie Spice and the Element Band.

Reggae lovers started to stream into the venue of the event at around 7pm, with an opportunity to have a one on one connection with the Rastafarians who were present at the concert.

However, as the night rolled on, a good number of those present at the concert decided to turn the venue into a Marijuana smoking zone as Thick smoke waft into the air.

Public smoking

It was evident that Revelers at the concert enjoyed one of the rare opportunities of smoking weed in public without risking arrest.

Security forces at the event seemed unbothered with the thick marijuana smoke that went up in the air every minute of the concert.

The freedom in weed smoking raises the question on whether it’s time for the country through relevant authorities, should think of legalizing weed.

In most cases, weed smoking is associated with Jamaicans who smoke it freely in their country and seems Kenyans used the opportunity to also puff the plant. Into the concert as a late comer, you would have easily mistaken the concert for some sort of a ‘weed party’, as revelers enjoyed Marijuana openly.


Kenyan scientists and researchers have argued that cannabis has medicinal purposes and is, therefore, safe for consumption.

Some of the advocates are scientist Prof Simon Mwaura, economist David Ndii, and Gwada among other Kenyans. Raila Junior, also called for its legalization.

Richie Spice on Stage

Away from the smoke, At exactly 1:25am, the Jamaican born Star showed up on stage giving a more than 2 hours memorable performance alongside “The Element Band” who spiced up the night making reggae lovers to singing along throughout the show.

Spice who was in the country for the “Nobody Can Stop Reggae” concert sang most of his favorite songs ranging from Brown Skin, The World is a circle, Yap Yap, Gideon Boots among others.

The concert was filled with celebrities among the MP Charles Jaguar, MP Irungu Kang’ata, Shaffie Weru, Talia Oyando, Carol Radull, Gabu, Chris Darlin, MC phillipo, Seth Gor, Chris Kirwa, DJ Kalonje, Njugush among others.


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