Exclusive: K24 News anchor rolling like a boss while his 3 year old daughter languishes in poverty

Popular K24 journalist has been accused of neglecting his daughter as he claims to be financially unstable.


A few days ago a reliable source revealed to Ghafla that Job Mwaura and his ex-wife have been in and out of court for various reasons. The two split up back in 2014 when Job’s ex-wife, Diana Kimanthi, walked away...wait, he actually threw her out of their matrimonial home to make room for his affairs.

How they met

The two hooked up back in 2010 when Job Mwaura was an intern at Royal media. At that time, the fella was struggling to live in his Mabati house in Mukuru Kayaba which just had a bed and a stove, before his lifestyle changed for the better.

His personality also instantly changed as he started rolling with loaded people playing in the big league. According to our source he started noticing other women and apparently this is how he met his current lady, Nancy Onyancha who also works at k24.

Nancy Onyancha is apparently the reason why Mwaura dumped his family as revealed by the source. She got in-between a marriage that was starting to raise a family and from the looks of things the lass won the battle.

Back to Job and his ex-wife…well after the two agreed to split up they signed a legal agreement in which showed Job Mwaura was going to be in his daughter’s life. He was required to give Sh 25,000 for the 3 year old girl as her maintenance fee.

He complied for a while until recently when he decided to hold back saying he has no cash to support the young girl. He no longer takes care of the medical bills and his ex-wife is currently trying to make ends meet in order to support their daugther.

The baby mama even took the matter to court and Mwaura still claims he has no money to support the baby. According to our source she fears the environment she is raising her daughter in and is hoping that the baby daddy will help out instead of using his money to entertain his friends and girlfriends.

However Mwaura says his salary is not enough to support his parents, siblings and at the same time provide Sh25,000 for his little girl. Looking at his pay slip in 2013 Mwaura earned a salary of almost Sh215,000. We are now in 2016 meaning he could be making more money and he still claims not to have money for his little girl.

While his daughter is being rushed to hospital in Matatu's, Mwaura is said to be cruising around in a Subaru legacy, that we all know is a fuel guzzler. In July 2016 the toddler was forced to leave Matter Hospital where she was receiving treatment as the mum had no means of raising enough money to cover the medical bills.

Anyway, Mwaura says that he will not support the baby if she remains under her mums care. He has been battling to get her custody however we are told that he lost the case since the girl is too young to live away from her mother.

Ghafla also learnt that sometime back the anchor issued his ex wife with an arrest warrant for “misuse of gadget” which led her to lose her job.  We are also told that he throws the lady in and out of jail every time he feels like it. This happens as he well connected with powerful people and politicians who can easily protect him.

So far the  Mwaura and his ex wife don’t see eye to eye however the 3 year old girl needs her parents support.

When one of the writers reached out to Mwaura, for a minute he pretended not to know Ghafla (yeah right...) then he suddenly recalled and referred to our popular and may I add powerrful tabloid as "gutter press". Yes we have heard it before and guess what...we are still running this town.

Anyway, I almost caught feelings but hey...not today!  Mwaura became defensive claiming that he would comment on the issue as it was already in court. Judging from his statements the anchor felt like he was being ambushed. Apparently he claims the source was out to ruin his reputation but just like Job from the Bible he is a conquerer.

“I will not comment until justice is served” Job Mwaura said.


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