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Zari is the most beautiful woman I have seen in the world-Ringtone

Zari needs a man of God-Ringtone Apoko

Speaking to the Star newspaper, the musician said, "I would want to tell Zari that she is a great woman, a great mother and just because she has five children, she is the most beautiful woman I have seen in the world. She should not think she is not attractive. She is more attractive to men who know what they want in life.”

The singer stated that he can feed Zari and if it were not for Christianity he would marry over a hundred wives and still feed them because it is sometime he is capable of doing.


The singer has made headlines recently as he tried to woe Zari to him after she dumped Diamond.

Ringtone was hectored and pestered by fans after his daring move.

On being asked whether he knows Zari personally he said, “I would say this: Zari is wounded, and she does not want to indulge with other things. But that doesn't meant that if you feel you love Zari, you cannot love her. If you have not seen me with her that does not mean that I don't love her.”

Ringtone said that he has loved Zari but he has restrained himself because she was Diamond’s wife adding, “I respected Diamond as her husband but now the whole world knows they are not together. So instead of waiting anymore, and she is beautiful, the whole world wants her, I said why don't I be the first to register?”

The self-proclaimed musician is humbly asking the boss lady to consider his proposal that, “she needs a man of God.” He added, “She didn't experience what God wanted her to experience, but in her third marriage, she is going to experience that. Naona akiwa mama mzuri sana wa kanisa. She will help me achieve her dreams and I will also help her."


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