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Classic 105 Nick Odhiambo accused of violently brutalizing his side chick for the 3rd time

Nick Odhiambo is said to have beaten his ex-girlfriend, Jane Mwai, for the 3 time on October 29 after attending Yetu festival that went down at Ngong race.


According to the news making rounds on social media, Nick apparently pounded on this lady until she collapsed. His ex-girlfriend,  Jane Mwai, who is a mother of one, says Nick has been beating her since 2013 to date. The first time he senselessly beat her up was after her photos started making rounds on social media.

She however moved out of his Kiserian home where she was living with him when the beating got out of hand. Since then we are not told whether they ever got together, until just recently when they made an appearance at the social event.

Jane says that Nick had been seeking for a second chance and she decided to give it a try not knowing that he had not changed.

“He has been looking for me and I decided to give him a last chance. Nick is a very crazy person. There is a time he locked me in his house and beat me for two weeks. One time, he even broke my teeth. There is a place in his house with flowers that he told me would be my grave,” she said.


Speaking to The Nairobian Jane narrated how she got the last beating saying it was sparked after she went to greet a friend.

“We were coming from Yetu Festival at Ngong Racecourse. I told him I wanted to greet a friend and when I came back, he told me that I was trying to spite him. He locked me in the car and started beating me till I collapsed. He broke my reading glasses and phone.” She added.

Nick Odhiambo however does not deny beating her and even says  he regrets having been violent to her. According to The Nairobian Nick says he overreacted after his ex started flirting around with other men. He also says smoking weed in his car was what pissed him off.

He does not consider what they shared as a relationship but a rebound. He says that Jane knew that she was the other woman but always insisted on staying.

It is distressing knowing that someone like Nick Odhiambo, a man that has the power to influence the youth in the society has the audacity to batter a female to a point of passing out. If these are the men we expect to shape the younger generation then we might just  have to get on our knees to pray.


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