Role model my a** - Akothee shouts as she smokes and drinks

Follow me at your own risk - Akothee.

Akothee (Instagram)

Akothee has been a topic of conversation after a sizzling performance at Paparemo Beach in Watamu last week.

This is because Kenyans led by Ezekiel Mutua have been grumbling about her skimpy stage ensemble and how she twerked, gyrated her hips and displayed her firm derrière on stage.

They argued that though she is talented, she is ‘immoral’ and a bad ‘role model’.

But as we know by now, no one puts Madam Boss in a corner and the mother of five has ferociously rejected the ‘role model’ tag by making it clear that parents should nurture their kids and not rely on her to raise their kids.

“I am dumping that name role model, my a**! Let every parent be a role model to their own children,” she shouted in a video as she puffed on a cigarette, sipped her wine and twerked without a care in the world.

The caption to the video also urged those who are offended by her to unfollow her. “Follow me at your own Risk, #rolemochieth see role mochieth smoking and drinking, call moral polis aka 60 and above. UNFOLLOW NOW.”

Dirty Mind

Following the backlash Akothee’s Watamu performance elicited Akothee has had some powerful backing as many female celebrities have come forward to defend her.

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris admonished Ezekiel Mutua for condemning Akothee by writing “You have a sick mind. Her private part was exposed only in your mind. On stage, I saw her sexy dance moves, her flexibility and her confidence in her skin. You saw her vagina through her costume and double stockings. You need help my brother. You need help.”

Caroline Mutoko also shared here two cents on the Akothee matter and said that society should stop acting like Akothee is the only role model their children can emulate.

“Do not go and ask somebody else who is getting on with their thing, there way and they are full grown up and you are like, ‘You got to be wonderful because my child might want to be like you.’ Can we get rid of one completely unnecessary conversation Akothee and whether she is a role model for our daughters? Let me ask you something why are your daughters listening to Akothee? I know she is, other than the song she did with Diamond, I don’t know any other song she has done. And I’m saying this because I am very well aware that Akothee’s target market is by no means teenagers, they follow her because they love her boldness on Instagram and I do too. Sometimes she says something and I’m like I love you,” said Caroline Mutoko.


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