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Gospel songbird opens up about the mysterious illness that has been plaguing her and allegations of drug abuse

Late last year there were rumors that ‘Mteule Uwe Macho’ singer had been rushed to hospital after a snake bit her.

Rose Muhando

It is alleged that the said disease has cause the singer’s legs to ache and caused a severely itchy rash that felt like her skin was being poked repeatedly with needles. According to reports, the doctors could not diagnose her illness so they sent her off with some painkillers. Thankfully she is recovering.

Speaking to Edaily, Rose revealed that the extent of her illness was greatly exaggerated by the media who received embellished information from her-so called friends.

“I am very healthy. That explains why I am able to attend far-off meetings. Our media sometimes reports nonfactual information. Whenever someone withdraws to his or her cocoon and disappears from the public eye, you’d see them write that the person is depressed or is critically ill. Some journalists from these sides do little to verify authenticity of the reports people feed them with. I don’t understand their intention.


Some people disguise as my friends, only to feed the media reports blown out of proportion about my life. Sadly, the media ends up receiving all the flak, while it is the fake friends who should be the recipients of disapproval.” Rose told E-Daily.

She also addressed rumors that she had gotten into the habit of abusing drugs; something which has destroyed the careers of many Tanzanian celebrities like Nando, Chidi Benz and Ray-C.

She said she knew who was behind the rumour and is leaving it all to God.


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