Singer dismisses peddled rumours about faulty Lamborghini as false

In a rush to embark on a trip to Senegal, the singer invited a vehicle towing service to get his Lamborghini back to an agreed location.

But that isn't quite a fact according to the singer who interacted with Pulse News in an exclusive chat. He explained that he had an urgent trip which demanded him to abandon the vehicle at a jet hangar.

Being that he did not trust anyone to drive the vehicle, a towing service company, AA Rescue was his saving grace in respect to getting the whip back to a safe place most likely his residence.

That however generated some negative buzz after a picture of the classy car getting towed surfaced on social media but it happened for a reason different from what fans were thinking.

"I was actually on the mainland and something came up so I had to like travel out. I was actually travelling to Yaoundé. So I drove to the jet (hangar) place... I don't let people drive my Lamboghinny. Do you understand?... So it is crazy how people saw it (car being towed) and were like Runtown's Lamboghinny broke down. That is a brand new car."

The hip-hop star didn't even break a sweat when questioned about if the incident might have a detrimental impact on his career. For him, it was all about keeping up with the great vibe.

"No. Not really. It is just crazy how people make up things... But it is all good man. We just all have positive energy and focus on doing more positive sh*t."

Talking about bringing life to the lyrics

Runtown managed to make a soothsayer out of himself by acquiring in April, a 2017 Lamborghini Gallardo. It is most likely the result of a private musing that saw him release a hit track, 'Gallardo'. He followed up with a line in Wizzypro's'Emergency' track where a part of his verse reads "Ogini, I woke up in a Lamborghini".

So if you ever notice the singer consistently make emphasis on a subject in any of his songs, that might just be a product of his latest reverie.

Wouldn't you agree that acquiring a N150 million worth automobile is truly a big dream?


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