Saint P opens up on how he met his step brother J Blessing for the first time

J Blessing ni ndugu yangu mdogo-Saint P

(J Blessing and Saint P) Saint P opens up on how he met his step brother J Blessing for the first time

Music Producer Patrick Mbaru aka Saint P has opened up on how he met Video Director Jibril Blessing (J Blessing) who is his step brother for the first time.

Speaking in an interview with Rama K Online, the music producer made it clear that they are brothers, for those who have been wondering how close the two are, but born of different mothers.

According to Saint P, on their first encounter, he felt like he had seen himself in J Blessing because he looked exactly like his elder brother and he felt like they had a connection, which prompted him to ask for his number.

At the time, they were both starting their music production careers and later became colleagues, even as Blessing switched to video production.

Saint mentioned that the move did not separate them as it happened that most of the songs he produced had their videos done by J Blessing.

In 2015, Saint P asked J Blessing to tell him about his family and that was when he realized that he was his younger brother.

Uhusiano uko poa sana, J Blessing ni ndugu yangu mdogo. Step brother. Kuna wakati baba alicheza kama yeye. Tulipata kuonana na J Blessing kwanza kama colleagues kwa sababu yeye pia alikuwa anaanza mziki kama producer. So wakati wa kwanza nilipomuona nilishtuka nikama nilikuwa nimejiona na hio time hata sikujua ni msanii ama nini so nikamfuata tukaongea tuka exchange number then ikapita lakini there’s something that drew me to him. So tukawa colleagues hivyo yeye akaingia kwa video nikabaki kwa songs then ikahappen that nikitengeza mziki yeye ndio anafanya video. 2015 ikabidi tukae kikao nikamwambia wewe ni vipi hebu niambie story yako. Akinielezea ile story nikaanza kuconnect nikamwambia kuna uwezekano sisi ni mandugu. Tulikutanisha ukoo,” narrated Saint P.

The two have for a longtime been known to be close friends and business partners.


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