Last week, Kenyan men were very excited by the prospect of a hyper-realistic sex doll named Samantha hitting the market.

Samantha is however not your basic sex doll,  she is a notch higher than other sex dolls as she is interactive, can hold a conversation and even crack jokes and responds to voice as well as touch.

The £3,500 (Sh503,438) sex doll also lets out realistic moans when touched the right way and many men concluded that they could do away with women for Samantha who was in the long-run ‘cheaper’ and ‘less hectic’ than normal women.

However, not every man is into the possibility of a Samantha-filled world and one of them is Dr Ezekiel Mutua who concluded that having sex with Samantha is akin to banging a dead body

“This Samantha thing is glorified necrophilia. There's no difference between having sex with a doll and doing it with a dead body!” Ezekiel opined.