Samuel Abisai 28, made history by winning the biggest ever Jackport in the Africa’s gaming history Sh221, 301,602 Million last year (June) for correctly predicting the outcome of 17 games.

The guy who become popular for winning such a large amount, has revealed that his fathers dream was to get clean water for villagers in Ebukanga Bunyore, Kakamega County.

According to Abisai, he is in the process of getting resident of  Ebukanga clear water and already, he has visted the area with experts who will execute the plan.

“Mzee mabindas dream is get clean water for villagers in Ebukanga was great going through possibilities of drilling water in that area.” Wrote Samuel Abisai.

Since winning the Money a lot has been said with others trying so hard to get a piece of Abisai’s millions but no one has yet testified of tasting his money.

Despite the Millions, Abisai is being accused of abandoning his father who is still living his old lifestyle in Kakamega.

Abisai’s father Mzee Abisai Mabinda is still selling ropes on Kakamega Market despite his son becoming the first Sportpesa Mega jackpot winner. The 66-year-old Mzee Mabinda has been selling ropes for the past 46 years.

According to him, his son has not yet done anything to change his life style but he is optimistic that soon he will uplift their living standards.

“My son has been away for long but I hope to meet him and discuss with him the big plans he has for me and my family. There are things he promised the community back home and I hope he will address that too” said Abisai’s father during an Interview with NairobiNews

Abisai who is a trained Chinese tutor also runs a successful cloth line, specialised in making Africa attires.