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Sanaipei Tande on the spot over ill-fitting clothing (Photo)

Too much?

Sanaipei Tande on the spot over ill-fitting clothing

Popular pop star Sanaipei Tande was recently put on the spot over an outfit she had worn to a recent club event.

Fans complained that the top part of her outfit was ill-fitting and greatly constricted her breasts.


“Mimi nahurumia nyonyo tu... Mbona ulivaa nguo si size yako,” one wrote with another adding “Ul suffocate them soldiers.”

“Unaumiza nyonyooo sanaa,” a fan wrote with another lady complaining of not only her outfit but her makeup also “Too much make up and the milk cups are suffocating, its a nah for me.”


Sana criticized over clothes

This is not the first time Sana has been on the spot over her choice of clothes.

In 2017 Sana wore a top that showcased her belly and a Sunday pullout from the Daily Nation shared a photo of Sanaipei performing and unkindly captioned it “Sanaipei Tande and her tummy on stage.”

However, instead of clapping back in anger, Sanaipei was very chill about it and made it clear that everyone has a stomach and she will not stop showing hers simply because some people are bothered by it.


“Kila mtu na tumbo…oh sorry I mean mambo yake,” read one of her replies and in another reply, she made it clear that she will continue showing her stomach, critics aside.


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