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Sarah Hassan lands new job after coming back from America

Sarah is back like she never left.

The gorgeous actress had moved to Los Angeles to pursue a course in film at the New York Film Academy in LA  which had been her dream for a long time.

She is now putting the skills she learnt there to good use as a producer and lead actress in ‘Shujaa’ , a Kenyan film.

The film is the first project under Giraffe Africa Productions, a production company in Nairobi that is ran by Nick Mutuma and Dolapo Adeleke, also known as LowlaDee, a Nigerian filmmaker.


With the persuasion of Nick Mutuma, LowlaDee relocated from Nigeria and the two brought the production company to life and after 6 months of writing, the film has come to life.

According to LowlaDee, ‘Shujaa’ addresses a sensitive issue within a Kenyan sect and it’s her loftiest project yet.

“SHUJAA boldly addresses a sensitive issue within a sect in Kenya that will require a budget we cannot afford. It’s nothing like I've ever done, ” She posted.

Releasing some snippets of the upcoming film, LowlaDee disclosed that they have a pitch video where they have selected pivotal scenes that best describe the vision of the film to get investors.

Here are more scenes from the film:


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