I lost 15 teeth in a freak accident- Bien confesses

Sauti Sol's Bien has revealed how he ended up with 15 teeth less...

And plive.co.ke recently sat down with this boy band for an interview where we got to interact with them, played games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ and of course ‘21 Questions with Sauti Sol’

Out of the 21 Questions there was a segment where the band got to talk about their scarring experiences.

For Chimano, the quiet one in the group, his was a horrible biking accident when he was around 10.

“I have a scar on my stomach from when I was 10.” He said. The scar was caused by his BMX whose handle bar stem was loose and kept twisting around making it difficult for him to steer the bike properly. And the unpredictable movement of the handlebar led to an accident that scarred him for life. This is because when he was riding he hit a stone, his bicycle tripped and he landed in a ditch where his stomach met the handlebar leaving him with a deep wound and a scar.

For Bien his accident was rather horrific as he got hit by a car near Railways which seems to be a bad spot for celebrities as Betty Kyallo got ran over by a bus there.

“Nishaigongwa na gari na nikapoteza meno 15, Niligongwa na gari hapo railways na mtu amelewa tu iyo barabara ya Kenyan Cinema kama unaenda Railways. Huyo mtu alikuja wrong side akanipiga kwa magoti puf! Sura ikagonga windscreen.” He said. And the next thing he knew he woke up in the hospital theatre, 15 teeth less. Thankfully they have all been replaced but he admits that he is scarred for life and is often overly-cautious when crossing a road.

And for Savara he had an accident which left him with a horrible fracture and now he walks with a metal attached inside his leg. The injury was caused by some outdoor sports he was playing with friends and he landed  on his leg, at first he thought it was a sprain but it turned out to be very serious as he got admitted to hospital.

But despite the fracture that rendered it impossible for him to perform on his feet, he says that the accident made him read more, watch more TV and even learn how to cook.


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