Sauti Sol’s Bien weighs in on Raila’s trip to Dubai for Surgery

Odinga is in Dubai for a minor surgery

Sauti Sol's Bein Aime Baraza Pitted Against Raila Odinga

Sauti Sol lead Vocalist Bien Aime Baraza has weighed in on the news of ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga flying to Dubai for Surgery.

Bein posed a rhetoric question at Kenyans, while comparing the gap that exits between the common Mwananchi and influential leaders who can fly outside the Country for specialized treatment any time.

Sharing the Front page of Daily Nation Newspaper Bien wrote;

“On the blue corner the rich man is in Dubai for surgery. On the red corner mwananchi will have to use local hospitals and morgue when Classism meets police brutality. Whose your money on?” posed Bien Aime.

Odinga in Dubai for Minor Surgery

Bien’s statement comes hours after Oburu Odinga who is the spokesman for the Odinga family confirmed that the former Prime Minister had flown to Dubai for a minor surgery.

Another user also echoed Bien’s sentiments saying, esalimba_brian What else should we expect we voted for the wrong leaders and tolerate the impunity so accept whatever happens till 2022”

treverakumu “🔥🔥The problem with us is that we always allow them to brainwash us we surely need to change”

dennis_nkSituation imekuwa chafu kwa ground. Kweli Kenya has two tribes the haves and the have nots😢”

kizazimavazi “Very bold statement but true.. it takes balls to speak your truth freely”

jwagema “This juxtaposition is as real as it is sad and scary. Kenyans need to wake up and wipe out Uhuru and the rest of the scum in Leadership”

Contrary opinion

However, a section of his followers who commented on the post had contrary opinions, arguing that Odinga has the right to seek medical attention at a hospital of his choice.

shnnackk@bienaimesol what is wrong with a man going to Dubai for treatment. Am sure if you were also very sick (God forbid) and had the means to go for surgery to another country you would have also done the Is sad that our hospitals here are not the best but you should and that should be blamed on County governments and the national government.Always thank God for good health.Criticize the police brutality and even pray that God will help us”

ritzkotut “But you went to SA to shoot your videos and we have producers here? What's your point? Decry police brutality, poor governance and push for better healthcare, don't always look for a scapegoat for the poor choices Kenyans make at the ballot”

a.l.v.i.n.___I hope one day y’all will start blaming your government for your problems, and stop blaming private citizens aka “rich men” for public problems.

The government (aka the president) collects your taxes, not rich men”


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