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Elodie Zone reveals things she did because of Kibaki’s grandson

They broke up

She also revealed that her biggest fear at the time was having small boobs and not being able to get good grades in school.

In another revelation Elodie added that she almost quit social media because she thought it would make her family happy if she followed the normal way of doing things.


"My biggest physical insecurity was my small boobs and greatest emotional one was that I was dumb because I never got the best grades in school. You see, as much as my differences stood out, so did my strengths. I got a belly ring two years ago because I thought that the guy I liked preferred another girl because of her belly ring. I almost quit social media because I thought my family would be more proud if I followed the traditional way of doing things and ended up a lawyer or doctor.

she said.

Elodie went ahead and encouraged her followers that no matter the situation one is in, they will always come out of it adding that her life is not as perfect as most people imagine.


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