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Jubilee MP Caught In A Secret Sex Scandal In A Private Online Chat (Photos)

The married MP, who is one of the most vocal guys in the Uhuru reelection strategy, and is seeking for reelection himself, has been exposed after he was nabbed texting a young girl going by the singular name Betty on a secret messaging app, Bopit.

When they're not swindling you of your hard-earned cash, they're blowing away your taxes, carrying away your billions in sacks or sexting your girls on secret online chat platforms.

Welcome to the sleazy world of our Jubilee lawmakers. Not that their CORD counterparts are any better.

Now, it seems like our parliamentarians don't exactly know how to smartly use social media without getting themselves caught up in a messy public embarrassment

The other day, we had an MCA in Nyanza accidentally sharing her unpalatable nude photos with a County WhatsApp group.


And then this other Kilifi MCA who took trashy photos of himself and his girl (ugly butt out) swimming away in what looked like a third-world, frog-infested swamp.

These tales just keep coming. And coming.

Now, an outspoken Jubilee legislator, who represents a Constituency that in the city periphery, has been caught up in his own scandal as well.

The married MP, who is one of the most vocal guys in the Uhuru reelection strategy, and is seeking for reelection himself, has been exposed after he was nabbed texting a young girl going by the singular name Betty on a secret messaging app, Bopit.

Miss Betty


"He started chatting with me on the platform just like that. At first, I took it easy. He didn't seem like he was after much. Just an innocent guy. And then that's when I knew he's an MP. Also, a married man. But he kept texting me over and over and over. Offering me trips abroad and even asking me for nude photos. It was crazy. Actually, scary. He's such a known member of Parliament "  Betty tells Ghafla.

Tired of using the Bopit app to text the girl, the MP then asked her to text him via WhatsApp. And that's when the drama got even juicer.

"On Bopit, he came off as a guy who was very professional and very upfront with his business. And then, his true colors came off after we started chatting on WhatsApp " she says.

Because he couldn't get the girl to send him photos on Bopit, a messaging platform that allows you to connect with people via instant texts, the Mheshimiwa asked Betty if she would take the conversation to WhatsApp.

Other Bopit users also got shocked and put off by the unbecoming conversation with one user commenting,


"yo, this is a public messaging platform. Si you guys take your bedroom talk elsewhere. We can all see what you're discussing' Hey!'

And that's when the MP moved the talk to WhatsApp.

There, he kept bombarding the girl for her photos and also promising to send her back his nude photos if she sent him hers.

Not just that, he also offered to pay her for her nude photos, something Betty found a little off.

The conversation seemed to have hit a snag after the girl rebuffed all his attempts to wrest nudies from her.


When Betty wondered whether he was not married, he said that his wife works in China and told her not to be afraid of anything as he had everything covered.

But when Ghafla contacted the MP, he denied knowledge of any such incidence and claimed to have been impersonated.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I am a Honorable Member of Parliament and I am married to one wife. I have no interest in any other girl whatsoever and whoever is impersonating me most face the full force of the law. I also use Bopit only for my travels when I go abroad and not for soliciting for sex!" he sternly wrote to us via text message.

But Betty, the girl he was nagging and thirsting after maintains that he's the man behind the texts and dares him to deny ownership of his mobile number which we can't publish here for privacy reasons.

We have attached some of the screenshots from Bopit and WhatsApphere.


You need to install the app to follow up more on the drama.

Bopit is a Mobile travel application that feeds the user with information about travel, fun and tourism across East Africa.

The app has also been voted one of the top ten best travel Apps of 2016 but a leading technological company

One of the main features of the App is the Bopit chat platform that allows users to chat anonymously and also, to meet and make new friends and travel partners on the app.

That's probably the feature that the MP liked to use most as many Bopit users have turned to the App to make their private deals and have secret converstaions.


Unfortunately for him, once messages go up on Bopit, unlike Snapchat videos, are undeletable. They stay up forever. To read more of his sleazy chats and to see where it all began, download the Bopit App by clicking this LINK.


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