Outrage after Real Housewives of Atlanta star 'spreads legs' during wedding dance

Shamea Morton decided to 'spread her legs' in front of her Nyeri in-laws in Nanyuki.

The ceremony was attended by a horde of celebrity friends, including RHOA's Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, reality star Shekinah Anderson, Brande Elise and WNBA star Angel Mccoughtry.

To celebrate her new link to Africa, Shamea decided to stage a dance for her hubby and their wedding guests.

She danced to Davido’s 'Skelewu' in a high-low dress and tiny boy shorts and things were going well until the dance went a bit raunchy with the RHOA star dropping to the floor and widely-spreading her legs during the dance.

Something which might have impressed her American friends who congratulated her after the fierce dance, but not Kenyans who felt that those kinds of moves should be saved for the bedroom.

Sentiments that were shared by Let’s Talk host Monique Angelynn-Bett who said “Weddings are not about you and your partner everybody will be there you cannot (dance like that).Save it for honeymoon night, everyone now knows what you’ll gonna do. No…no…no! All I can say is that he did not marry a lady.”

Ella, on the other hand, encouraged demurity in a wedding while Brenda Wairimu said: “Your parents are gonna be there …*widens eyes* I mean, come on!”

Here are just some reactions from other Kenyans:

No respect for The Kikuyu culture at all I feel bad for the in laws they had to witness all this. It's simple, learn about the culture difference and respect it. In Kenya respect for your in laws is paramount, funny how people finds this interesting. She is a beautiful woman, beautiful couple but that right there was a nay I'm sure the in -aws were shocked

That is just too much. Very inappropriate for the in-laws

Mayoooo mazingaumbwe haya

The in -aws have a lot to talk about when they go back home #Udaku101

What in the holy heavens!

Ok, that dance must have shocked the in laws no shade I am Kenyan and I know.

That was gross what she did!!! Her boobs and her a** hanging out and all on display for everyone to see! Culture my a**! I wonder where her parents there or his while she is crawling all over the floor like a tramp with her legs open like that! My parents would've snatched my a** all over that building had I done that! She shoulda saved that for the bedroom...totally inappropriate for a wedding!!!

In our African culture, this is totally unacceptable for you to spread your legs in front of your in-laws

I was shocked by that dance but to each his own

I guess she had to bust it open one last time before the imprisonment of marriage!


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