This is ESS finally shares first picture of the baby

Stop guessing they finally reveal the gender also.

Popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia better known as This is Ess has finally posted the first picture of their little baby.

In a post by the husband, Lonina Leteipan, was celebrating Fathers Day by thanking This is Ess for giving him a chance to be a dad.

"First came love...Then came marriage...Then came the little one in a baby carriage.

Having been a father for only a short time I'm not sure how to celebrate this day. So allow me to instead celebrate the person that made this possible," Leteipan said.

After Ms Mundia gave birth, many have been guessing the gender of the child. However, all the guessing was brought to a stop after the radio presenter revealed that their baby was a girl.

"I can honestly say she is the champion that not only brought my daughter into the world but also is to me the greatest mother ever. My beautiful wife, it wasn't;t an easy audition but I'm glad you picked me to be your homie. husband and baby daddy. I love you to forever. And even after," This is Ess' husband said.

Leteipan jokingly added that his baby - who he did not reveal her name - would start dating when she was 30 years.


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